Each showcase is an hour, or longer, of non-stop entertainment performed by Rhonda Denét and Silver Fox Songs’ musicians. The group expertly brings this music to life through remarkable interpretations of songs that spark memories and inspire sing-a-longs across generations. During the performance, interesting trivia about some of the songs featured is also shared. For a detailed description of each show, click here.

FROM JAZZ TO SOUL, Volumes 1 & 2
FROM JAZZ TO SOUL: The Holiday Edition
MOSTLY MOTOWN, Volumes 1 & 2
AN EVENING WITH LADY DAY (A tribute to Billie Holiday)
HAIL TO THE QUEEN (A tribute to Aretha Franklin)
IN THE KEY OF STEVIE (A tribute to Stevie Wonder)
NAT & NATALIE: FROM JAZZ TO SOUL (A tribute to Nat & Natalie Cole)
SINATRA MY WAY (A tribute to Frank Sinatra)
TO ETTA WITH LOVE (A tribute to Etta James)

Performance Options:

  • Vocalist with recorded tracks
  • Vocalist with duo (guitar and drums)
  • Vocalist with trio (keys, guitar and drums)
  • Vocalist with band (4 or 5 piece ensemble with any combination: keys, guitar, bass, drums and sax/flute)

In addition the “Ella & Frank” showcase features vocal duo available with all of the above options.

Running Time(s):

The typical running time of each showcase is 60, 75 or 90 minutes. Song lists and arrangements can be modified to accommodate the situation with the shortest time of one 30-minute set or an entire 4-hour event (performed as 3 or 4 sets with breaks between them).